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Digital Docent Consulting

Facebook and Instagram have been valuable marketing tools for salon owners for the past decade, but more and more each of these platforms is pay to play. Even getting your salon's content in front of your existing clients who follow you is a challenge. 

Because the work you do is so visual, it is important that your community can see your work, so that they know what a good job you do. Facebook and Instagram ad spend is one of the best tools a salon can use to cultivate new client relationships within their community.

Talk to one of our Ad experts today about how your salon could benefit from Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Our Facebook Ad Service Is Different...And That Is Good


Most Facebook ad agencies only offer a 60-minute consultation before charging thousands for ads you could have created yourself.


In contrast to other companies, we do things a bit differently, focusing on deep market research and offering individualized service to our customers. It's one of the reasons why we get such a high return on investment for our clients. As a result, we create ad campaigns that truly deliver results (i.e. money in the bank).

Take a Look at our Pricing


In our experience, hair salon owners approach their business with a level of passion and creativity that is unique and inspiring. 

Cultivating a thriving business and making each client feel like they are the only one is a challenging prospect. As a business owner, you need to make sure that every single marketing dollar is bringing in new clients. What if I told you that using well designed and executed Facebook and Instagram ad strategy our clients have seen up to a $50 return for every dollar spent.

Book a consultation now to get a free custom Social Media Strategy Session with one of our experts.


Advertising creatives and copy that is spammy, sales-driven, or cheesy isn't for us. The clients we work with know that gimmicky approaches won't work. Ads from us feel organic, like posts from friends in your newsfeed.


Our ROI is so high because we put our clients first. Once a client signs on with us, they're not just another number. Our goal is to help you; respond to all of your inquiries (quickly!) and take a holistic view of all your marketing efforts (funnels, copywriting, video content and the rest) so that you get the guidance and leadership you need to make it all profitable.


We’ll work as diligently as a business partner would to get you profitable by expanding your client base.


"2 years ago Andrea started doing SEO work for my salon and I couldn't be happier with our Google ranking. I didn't know much about social media advertising. It seemed like all we did was pay Yelp for little to no results so when Andrea recommended that we use social media advertising instead we decided to give it a try. She organized our social media advertising budget. She not only gave us great advice on where and how to spend our ad dollars but she collaborated with us to design professional and polished ads that we could not have done on our own. The best thing she did for us was re-allocating our Yelp advertising budget over to our social media budget with Meta (Facebook & Instagram). This has proved to be a much better return on investment than using Yelp. We're very happy with our results and highly recommend Andrea for your social media needs."

-- Kelly Shine, Owner of The Wayward Hairdresser

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