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Digital Docent Consulting

Our team is adept a Google Adwords. While we don't think that paid ads for search are a replacement for high quality SEO, we do think they have some value. Particularly, when we are moving through the process of ranking organically (which can take some time) Google AdWords can offset the results, and lead to more business.


One of the longest held rules of owning a successful business is that you need to have a good location.

That rule still holds true, but in the digital era a good location is much less about a busy street and much more about ranking first in Google Search. 

Our SEO experts are Google Analytics certified, and constantly track new changes to the Google algorithm. We know that you are the best option for your potential customers, we just make it possible for them to find you despite all the clutter on the web. 

We start out our SEO journey by discovering your goals, and then formuating a plan using on-site and off-sit strategies that are guaranteed to put you at the top of Search Engine rankings within your niche. 


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