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Digital Docent Consulting

Whether your goal is to capitalize on organic content and grow a loyal online community, or to utilize paid ads across many platforms to create a brand identity that makes an impression within a target demographic, DDC is here to help.

We spend time with each client to craft a brand strategy that is truly unique and speaks to your businesses needs and your brand culture. Then we work directly with our content creation team to craft images and videos that speak to our shared vision for your brand. 

Our clients see a dramatic return on investment, because our mission is to bring our clients to new heights. No matter what your budget, we can plan and execute a campaign that will increase your sales and grow your bottom line.


Traditional advertising is dead. 

Since the advent of social media, the best and most cost effective way to create brand awareness and grow business is through social media advertising. Whether through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest or others, there is no better way to help your audience find you. 

It has never been easier as a business owner to get your product in front of your consumer (in theory).

We are experts in social media marketing. 

Our blueprint certified social media team is constantly tracking algorithm shifts and the newest upcoming trends so that our client ads are at the forefront of their industries. We create and manage content that is impactful and original so that it stops a scroll in its tracks. 


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